M.I.S.A. responds to the State of Emergency in Baltimore

April 30, 2015 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Uncategorized

M.I.S.A. Responds to the State of Emergency in Baltimore
MISA is very proud to partner with the Maryland State Police to communicate and coordinate private sector resources for the unrest in Baltimore


At the request of the Maryland State Police,

the following letter was sent to MSP who is forwarding it along with their Advisory to the Governor’s Office, the Maryland Emergency Management Agency and any Corporations who contact government agencies seeking help in securing their properties during this crisis.
So far our assistance has not been needed. However I want to thank everyone for responding with their resource information.
To read the M.I.S.A. letter to the State Police click here M.I.S.A. response for assistance
To read the Maryland State Police Advisory click here Maryland State Police Advisory
A few members inquired as to whether the request was for volunteer or paid resources.
Any assistance would be Paid and arrangement made between the Security Company and the entity seeking help directly.
Personally, I am a private investigator and have no Security Resources; my time and energy to help coordinate these efforts are voluntary as President and on behalf of M.I.S.A