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Why Join M.I.S.A. ?

Maryland Investigator’s and Security Assoc.

To share in its History

M.I.S.A. was formed in the early 1950’s and was the voice of the industry helping create Titles 13 and 19 that govern the industries in Maryland today.

To be part of the Future:

M.I.S.A networks with associations, lobbyists, and organizations to watch both federal and state legislation that may affect the Security or Investigative community. M.I.S.A., by virtue of its long standing history and involvement, has earned a place at the table and a voice heard by legislators when it comes to matters that could affect your business.

Angie’s M.I.S.A’s List.

M.I.S.A. members enjoy the privilege of having their company listed on the M.I.S.A. website, while proudly displaying the M.I.S.A. logo on theirs.

This listing ensures potential customers that you are a licensed professional endorsed by the state’s oldest established organization in the industry.

Members may also network sharing resources and expertise that can expand the services you offer.

Many members partner, subcontract, or refer business to other members on a regular basis.

Become an active member today

Only $75.00 Per Year gives you:

• A voice in Annapolis

• A working relationship with MSP Licensing

• Marketing and business expansion opportunities

Pride of Membership in the Industries Time Honored Association

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